Your First Visit


We know coming to a new church can be scary.  This article is designed to help relieve some of that stress by walking you through what our Sunday morning looks like.

Our service begins at 10:30am. Feel free to come in early, grab some free coffee in our cafe, and meet folks while the worship team finishes warming up.  We will greet you at the door with a smile and help you find your way around. For the really early birds we have Sunday school at 9:30am.

We begin service with a short reading of scripture called Lectio Divina. This is an old Latin term for Divine Reading and it has been a practice in the church since the early centuries.  We love worship, a lot, so we don’t like to spend the first two songs just waking up and getting centered.  Our Lectio Divina time is there so we can contemplate the Word of God, invite the Holy Spirit to come, and be ready to worship when worship begins.

Our worship time is about entering in to the Presence and spending time with our Father.  We want to meet Him and be reminded of His goodness.  Some people stand, some sit, some clap, some dance, some cheer, sometimes we have moments of silence.  We look to avoid over-scripting or hyping worship.  We simply want to be with our Dad.  Our worship sets are usually around four or five songs in length.

After worship we do announcements and take a break!  Refresh your coffee, receive or give prayer, meet someone new, or maybe just stretch your legs.

Following the break we have our sermon and then we close with a time of ministry.  We invite everyone in the church to seek the Holy Spirit and to pray for someone else while the worship team provides some music.  Ministry time is an opportunity to make faith real and show tangible love to other members of the body.  We gather and pray for one another and lift each other up as a family.

When church ends we all go back to the cafe for more visit time and coffee. We emphasize the value of relationship and cherish our after service time.

We hope this intro helps and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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