Sunday Sermon’s

03-11-18: James: The Gospel of the Kingdom: Now and Not yet

02-25-18: James: The Gospel of the Kingdom: Relationship

03-04-18:James : The Gospel of the Kingdom : Messiah

02-18-18:Understanding Us : House

02-11-18:James : Understanding Us : Service

02-04-18: James: Understanding Us :Table

01-28-18 James:Understanding Us : Word 

Curt:God Radical Grace 2 Empowered Life

Curt: Gods Radical Grace

James: Festival of trumpets : 12-31-17

James :Advent WK 4 : Love Incarnte

James: Luke 2:21-38

Andi : Advent week 2 :  Hope

Rachel : Advent week 1:Peace on earth

James:The Writing:Ecclesiastes : Wealth And Power

James:The Writing: Ecclesiastes Intro

James: Song Of Songs

James: The Writings: Wisdom & Humor

James: The Writing: Proverbs 31

Andi: A Good and True Fast: Isaiah 58: 3-9

James: The Writings: Proverbs 3 : 10-01-17

James: The Writings: Proverbs:09-24-17

Rachel: Vineyard Distinctive :09-10-17

Rachel: Vineyard Distinctive II : 09-17-17

James: The Writing: Psalms 137 & 126

James:The Writings: Psalm 119

James:The Writings: Psalms 51

James : The Writings : Psalms

James:The writings of Job: God Speaks

James:The Writings: Getting God wrong

James:The writings: Jobs second Trial

Howards: Hearing Gods voice

Rachel  The call of God: Practicing Love

Andi Lessons from the Shepard 2

Rachel The Call Of God ( June 11th 2017)

-week 1